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  Ann's Biography

Biographical Sketch For Ann Q. Donovan, M.A., C.N., Di Hom. Licensed Nutritionist

Ann is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist who has been working in private practice in Colorado Springs, Colorado, since 1984. Prior to that, she learned about natural foods at the grass roots level managing a health food store in California. She uses a wide variety of natural modalities to design individual health programs for clients. These methods include food supplements, homeopathy, kinesiology, and aromatherapy. Ann also employs scientific testing on blood, urine, saliva, and hair to help determine nutritional imbalances. The core of every program, however, is the food. Ann has studied every type of diet and believes that food must be alive and raw to heal.

Ann completed her Bachelors degree at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., and her Masters degree at Denver University in Colorado. She earned a homeopathy diploma from the British Institute of Homeopathy in London. Ann is also a graduate of the American Health Science University now based in Washington State. Ann is also a Reiki practitioner.

She has attended classes at the Kushi Macrobiotic Institute in Boston; at the Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida; the Optimal Health Clinic in Austin, Texas; and at the Gerson Institute in Mexico. She has made a particular study of functional endocrinology and specializes in adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalances.

To obtain more information, please contact Ann Donovan at donovanaq@gmail.com Ann's business telephone number in Colorado Springs is (719) 533-0312.