About AD Nutrition
  Ann's Philosophy On Health

We must each protect and improve our precious health rather than abdicate that responsibility. My work as a nutritional counselor gives clients information and tools to do just that.

Disease has many labels. Reduced to its simplest definition, disease is a state of bodily deficiency and toxicity. (Toxins, of course, contain emotional as well as physical components.) If your body is missing a mineral, such as calcium, your cells cannot make bones properly. In this example of deficiency, you most likely would develop osteoporosis. Similarly, if you are exposed to toxins such as pesticides or heavy metals, your cells will mutate at the DNA level and, sooner or later, disease will follow.

I believe, in large part, we are what we eat. Our soil is extremely depleted of nutrients. As a result, the food we eat is also deficient. Add to that fact the reality that we live in an environment filled with many toxic chemicals, it should then come as no surprise that diseases like cancer are increasing at an alarming rate. We need to eat healthy foods and supplement the minerals and vitamins that are missing in many of the processed foods that appear in our diets.

I believe, however, in the body's innate and remarkable ability to heal. Provided we take action, we can promote our body's ability to be healthy. Through nutritional consultation and healthy practices, we can identify the deficiencies and toxic burdens that makes us prone to illness. Using such modalities as proper supplmentation and detoxification, we can allow our body to heal itself.

I never interfere with your physician's diagnoses or protocols. My holistic philosophy works in concert with the standard medical model your doctor most likely practices. I encourage persons seeking my advice to discuss my recommendation with their doctor.